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WhiteSpaces: An Enabler

  • VHF / UHF bands traditionally reserved to broadcasters have highly favorable propagation characteristics. Penetrating through foliage and structures, they reach far and wide.
  • The worldwide move from analog to digital TV frees up spectrum creating what is called 'Whitespaces'.
  • These Whitespaces will deliver quality high speed internet access

The WhiteSpace Alliance will shape the worldwide TV Whitespace ecosystem for delivering cost-effective wireless broadband solutions.

  • Simplify existing standards and specifications for cost-effective deployment.
  • Develop standards and specifications necessary to provide economical broadband access.
  • Create an open forum for manufacturers and operators to network and define an inter-operable platform.
  • Provide certification and testing of devices based on the Whitespace Alliance technical protocols
  • Enable database compliance and interoperability for devices.
  • Improve deployment and operating practices through education and support programs to reduce the installation learning curve
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